September 2011

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To provide a space to create a community and interactions that allow Chinese audiences to better understand the United States, its culture, society, government, language, law, economic system, and values

InfoUSA@BFSU, an American Cultural Center supported by the US Embassy in Beijing, opened its doors on December 9, 2011.

USCET has partnered with Beijing Foreign Studies University on many projects, including two American Studies Network Conferences and a faculty training program.  It is with great honor that USCET established InfoUSA@BFSU to cement an ongoing cooperation to strengthen understanding of the US in China.

InfoUSA@BFSU has hosted many successful events on BFSU's campus, including two American Weeks, three lectures by Journalists-in-Residence, an American Film Series, and the launch of the Asian American Authors Series.  The Reading Room is full of valuabe resources to discover more about the US. Located on BFSU's campus, it is open to the public from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

In May 2013, USCET and BFSU hosted the second Asian American Author Series event and had Shawn Wong, a renowned writer and English professor at University of Washington. 

Shawn Wong at BFSU  

Within the next three years, InfoUSA@BFSU will continue to develop programming with US Embassy at Beijing, provide learning opportunities for BFSU students on American studies and develop the InfoUSA space in the new library that opens June 2013. 

In addition, USCET launched a second American Cultural Center, InfoUSA@NENU, at Northeast Normal University, which will continue to partner with BFSU. 

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