American Studies Fellows 2012/2013

In the 2012-2013 academic year, USCET welcomes two new scholars to the U.S. as American Studies Fellows.

Yao Guigui, the Director of the Center for American Culture Studies and an associate professor of English for the School of Foreign Languages at Jianghan University, was USCET's fourth American Studies Fellow. She completed her fellowship at the Yale University under the mentorship of Professor Laura Wexler and conducting further research in the field of religion, particularly from a feminist perspective. Professor Guigui's first trip to the U.S. has provided great firsthand knowledge to continue her research on the intersection of American culture, feminism, and religion. 

Learn more about Yao Guigui's research developments and overall experience at Yale University.


Zhang Yuan, an Assistant Professor of International Politics at the Institute of Political Science, East China University of Political Science and Law ("ECUPL") in Shanghai, is USCET's fifth American Studies Scholar. Starting January 2013, Yuan studied at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, under the mentorship of Professor Karrie Koesel. She conducted further research on the relationship between religion and law in American society. Professor Yuan hopes to draw the attention of China's policy makers and contribute a little bit on pushing legalization of religious affairs in China in a reasonable term through this project.