PANGOAL Institution Luncheon

February 9, 2017

USCET had the honor of hosting Beijing think tank PANGOAL Institution for lunch at the DACOR Bacon House on February 8, 2017. Distinguished guests included Ely Ratner, Kurt Campbell, Henry Levine, and Randy Shriver.


A lively discussion was held concerning the future of US - China relations under the new Trump administration. The PANGOAL Institution is currently on a fact-finding trip to America following the election and the lunch proved to deepen the relationship between the Beijing think tank and USCET.


The PANGOAL Institution was created in 2013 with the practicing philosophy of, "pursuing harmony between nature and humankind, and applying knowledge for public policy solutions." With this goal in mind, both USCET and PANGOAL look forward to possible future collaboration.



USCET很荣幸于2017年2月8日接待北京智库盘古在DACOR Bacon House就餐。在场贵宾包括Ely Ratner、Kurt Campbell、Henry Levine、以及 Randy Shriver。