USCET Launches Advisory Council Scholarship Fund at Sichuan Normal University

November 14, 2014

The US-China Education Trust (USCET) held a press conference on November 13, 2014 to announce the launch of the Advisory Council Scholarship Fund at Sichuan Normal University.

The Advisory Council Scholarship is the newest addition to USCET's China Opportunity Scholarships (COS) portfolio, which has supported over 80 students at three Chinese Universities to date: Yunnan University, Hebei Agricultural University and Shandong University. The Advisory Council Scholarship hopes to build upon the COS goal to change the current phenomenon of rural students in China that have been left behind in their access to high education compared with their urban counterparts. USCET is partnering with Sichuan Normal University to provide this four-year scholarship of $750/year to five outstanding female students. The Selection Committee convened right before the press conference to select the recipients of the scholarship.

Ten journalists representing Chinese media, along with members of USCET's Advisory Council, attended the press conference. When asked about why education is so important, USCET President, Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch, told the journalists, “Education is the core of humanity and the key to success. The meaning of success is not only about making more money but also about giving back to society. We believe that through education, we can help more and more young leaders understand the importance of service and social responsibility.”

Check out the coverage below (updated as they come in). You can download the official press release under "files" below.

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