The Impact of Education Exchange on US-China Relations: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

The 15th Annual American Studies Network Conference

November 2-4, Shanghai

Co-sponsored by:  East China Normal University

US-China Education Trust

With the support of The U.S.-China New Perspectives Foundation and New York University Shanghai


East China Normal University and the US-China Education Trust cordially invite scholars and graduate students from all disciplines to participate in the 15th Annual ASN Conference, “The Impact of Education Exchange on US-China Relations: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow,” to be held November 2-4, at East China Normal University, Shanghai, China.

There will be a special forum for graduate students, who will have an opportunity to win Presentation Awards.  The top two winners will join a USCET Anniversary Delegation attending the American Studies Association annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Conference Theme

Throughout the ups and downs of the US-China relationship, international education exchange has remained a force for mutual understanding. However, in the context of China’s rise, the two nations have arrived at a critical juncture. Competing interests, gaps in perceptions, and differing political systems prevent the two nations from achieving a deeper level of cooperation. Now it is more important than ever for the next generation of leaders to study the use of international education exchange as a force for easing distrust and promoting peace as well as collaboration.  

Beginning in 1854, when Yung Wing became the first Chinese student to graduate from an American university, education and cultural exchange has been an integral element of US-China relations. The Boxer Indemnity scholarships, called “the most important scheme for educating Chinese students in America,” later served as a model for the Fulbright Program, in which China was the first country to participate when a Fulbright accord was signed in 1947 between the nationalist government of China and the United States government. The Fulbright Program resumed after a lapse of several decades in 1980. As of 2016, over 300 thousand Chinese students account for 32% of all international students studying in the United States, while China is the 5th largest recipient of US students at its education institutions. Given the level of distrust and misunderstanding that characterizes the bilateral relationship today, the 2018 ASN Conference will reflect on the history of US-China relations through people-to-people exchange, explore current trends, and determine how the past can inform the future of the most important bilateral relationship in the world.

Conference participants will discuss and debate the tangible impact of international education exchange. How can we quantify the effect of exchanges like the Fulbright Program on US-China relations? How did the earliest exchanges between the United States and China affect the bilateral relationship?  To what extent do the thousands of foreign exchange students bring our nations closer together?

We cordially welcome paper proposals in English from scholars of various disciplines on topics such as:

1.   The Boxer Indemnity Scholarships: A Magnanimous Gift or Imperialist Obligation?

2.   The Fulbright Program and US-China Relations

3.   American Studies in China: History, Impact, and Challenges

4.   US-China Education Exchange: Quantifying Impact

5.   Innovative Practices in International Exchange Around the World

6.   Overcoming Language and Cultural Barriers in US-China Education Exchange

The above list is meant only to suggest a possible range of topics. You are encouraged to submit proposals on other topics related to the overarching theme of the conference. Interdisciplinary perspectives are particularly welcome since the topics themselves stretch across several disciplines.


General Guidelines for Paper Submission

You are welcome to submit a proposal by September 14, 2018, using the attached Paper Proposal, which should contain your contact information, title, keywords, and an abstract of 300-500 words. The Organizing Committee will evaluate the proposal on the basis of relevance to the conference theme and notify you of its acceptance.  If you are notified that your proposal was accepted, please send the full text of your paper (no more than 5,000 words in English, excluding references) to  Even if your submission is not accepted, you are still welcome to participate in the conference without presenting.

Please use the Chicago style for documentation and editing. The specific format this conference follows are short footnotes plus bibliography. In case you need further information on the style, please consult the Chicago Manual of Style (16th ed.), or visit the Chicago Style Online website:


The Graduate Student Forum

Sponsored by Beijing Foreign Studies University

Made possible with the Support of the LUCE Foundation

Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) is the sponsor of the Graduate Student Forum at the 15th ASN Conference.

Graduate student participants who have submitted a complete paper before September 14, 2018 are eligible to be considered for the Graduate Presentation Awards, in accordance with the decision of a Panel of Judges. Please include the abstract with the complete paper submission. (Abstract must be between 300-500 words and full text must not exceed 5000 words, not including references). There are no separate deadlines for abstracts and completed conference papers for this competition. Abstracts will be accepted, but preference will be given to those who submit full papers. The winners of the competition will be announced during the week of September 17, 2018.

The Graduate Student Forum will be held at a special session during the conference. The authors of the two top papers will win an opportunity to join the USCET ASN 15th Anniversary Delegation attending the 2018 American Studies Association (ASA) annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia, to be held November 8-11.

Please submit your papers to no later than September 14, 2018.


Registration Fee

The registration fee covers meals, conference program, and admission to all conference sessions.

Academics - RMB 1000

Students - RMB 400

Dates: November 2nd (arrival) to 4th, 2018

Venue:  East China Normal University, Shanghai.


Hengshan Jin  PhD 金衡山
Professor of English & American Studies
Deputy Director, Center for American Studies
East China Normal University
Shanghai, China

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1. 庚子赔款奖学金:是宽宏大量的礼物还是帝国主义的义务?

 2. 福布莱特计划与中美关系

3. 在中国的美国研究:历史、影响与挑战

4. 中美教育交流:量化的影响

5. 世界范围内国际交流的创新之举

6. 克服中美教育交流中的语言和文化障碍



由北京外国语大学举办,由卢斯基金会(LUCE Foundation)支持。






请用芝加哥格式(Chicago Style)编辑和撰写论文。本次会议具体使用的形式是脚注(footnote)和参考目录(bibliography)。如果您需要更加详细的信息,请参考芝加哥格式手册(Chicago Manual of Style (16th ed.))或登录芝加哥格式网站