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USCET Alumni Series: Ji Min

March 8, 2020

In celebration of International Women’s Day, USCET is highlighting Ji Min for the third part of our USCET Alumni Series. Ji Min is professor at Sichuan Normal University in Chengdu, Director of the Center of Women’s Studies at SNU, and coordinated USCET’s Advisory Council Scholarship. Professor Ji has a distinguished track record having taught at Sichuan Normal University for 38 years, recognized as a Fulbright Scholar, and being actively involved with USCET since our inception.

USCET Alumni Series: Chen Juebin

March 2, 2020

For the second installment of our USCET Alumni Series, we are highlighting Chen Juebin. Chen Juebin is actively involved with the American Studies Center, Co-Director of InfoUSA, and professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU). Dr. Chen has been involved with USCET since 2007 and continues his involvement with USCET programs and the advancement of American Studies today.

Upcoming: 2020 ASN Annual Conference

February 20, 2020

The US-China Education Trust is pleased to announce the theme for the upcoming 2020 ASN Annual Conference: “Prospects for US-China Relations in the 21st Century.” This year’s conference will feature a host of distinguished speakers from China and the United States discussing the future of bilateral relations at China Foreign Affairs University in October 2020.


Stay tuned for Call for Papers in the coming months.

USCET Alumni Series: Song Yi

February 12, 2020

Since 1998, USCET has had many talented young people walk through its doors. These people have contributed to the promotion of US-China relations while as an integral part of USCET, as a participant of our programs, and as future leaders in the promotion of US-China relations. This series will tell the stories of these alumni and their impact on fostering better bilateral relations.


Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch Featured in AmCham China Quarterly

January 10, 2020

USCET Founding President, Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch, was profiled in AmCham China's Quarterly where she discussed the current state of US-China educational exchanges. In the article, Ambassador Bloch expresses her concerns with US-China government relations and the increasing pressures Chinese international students face while studying in the United States. However, she takes on an optimistic tone at the end of the article:

USCET Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of US-China Diplomatic Ties in Beijing

November 11, 2019

From October 18 to October 27, USCET Chairman Ambassador Nicholas Platt, Founding President Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch, Chief Operating Officer Ye Sheng and Special Advisor Robert Kapp made a productive and invigorating visit to China for a series of six carefully planned engagements with some of USCET’s best and longest-standing Chinese partners.

Interview with Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch from CGTN.

October 30, 2019

The 13th round of China-U.S. trade talks wrapped up in Washington and U.S. President Donald Trump met with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, and urged both sides to finalize the text of the deal at an early date and move forward with future negotiations. To help China Global Television Network Group (CGTN) make sense of the U.S.-China trade talks, Tian Wei interviewed USCET's President, Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch to offer her insights on the matter.

The 16th Annual American Studies Network Conference

July 24, 2019

China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) and the US-China Education Trust (USCET) cordially invite scholars and students from all disciplines to participate in the 16th Annual American Studies Network Conference, “40 Years of China-US Ties: Seeking Common Grounds through Cooperation and Competition,” to be held October 19-20 at CFAU in Beijing.


ASN Conference